A holiday for animal lovers.

When we initially opened GlenMyu Estate Hotel, in the Sri Lankan Hill Country, we were concerned that having dogs would be detrimental to the business. What we have found though is that there are animal lovers from all parts of Sri Lanka and the World

The animals that we have at GlenMyu Estate have really added to the guest experience. We have been amazed that one of the reasons that guests have chosen us is because we have our rescue dogs.

All vaccinated and loved.

All of our dogs are vaccinated and are also used to greeting new guests on a regular basis. Sometimes I feel sorry for the dogs (and guests) because I can see how quickly a relationship and friendship is developed, only to be broken when the guests leave to discover more parts of this paradise island.

So you thought that you didn't like dogs?

We have had a few guests come that are not too keen on dogs. However, I don’t know how the dogs manage it, but they are able to forge a relationship really quickly. We recently had a family stay and the mother didn’t want the attention from the dogs unlike the rest of her family. A few hours later she was cuddling one of our abandoned puppies and didn’t want to let her go!

There was also a Sri Lankan family comprising of Mum, Dad and three delightful daughters. The girls were pinned close to their mother when the alighted the car and were met by several excited dogs. Within an hour they were playing with the dogs and there were tears in the morning when the left as the youngest wanted to take one home with them!

The house with the seven dogs.

Early on we had a French family living in Colombo stay at GlenMyu Estate. The parents and their two young daughters really loved their time here and picked out their own favourite dogs. 

On their second visit their mother told us that we were known as “the house with the seven dogs” and that they had remembered all their names!

We often have puppies at GlenMyu Estate.

Over the few years we have been at GlenMyu Estate we have had puppies from time to time. 

As spaying a neutering dogs in Sri Lanka is not the norm there are lots of unwanted puppies that turn up throughout the year.

Sri Lankans are animal lovers however we do wish that a sterilisation programme was enacted by the government to control the population.

We have lots of tourists arrive and comment on the number and poor condition of the street dogs that they have seen around the island. 

There are charities and organisations that do their best to help, treat and care for the street dogs. However, the challenge is huge and overwhelming. We just do our best to care for these animals at GlenMyu Estate. After providing them with them with a good start in life with a good diet, additional vitamins and the relevant vaccinations we try to re-home them with loving families.

Were you always animal lovers?

Both Ru and I had been around dogs and animals all of our lives through each of our parents who had dogs, cats and so on. However, we had never had the full responsibility of the animals ourselves. Living in London in a small apartment, working long hours and travelling meant that it was not feasible to have a pet. We were so busy that it was not even a consideration.

Living in Sri Lanka has reconnected us with animals.

Ru’s dream was always to have an organic farm up in the mountains with her own animals. I suppose that the original intention was to have farm animals that we functional on a farm. However, the focus has changed since we have been in Sri Lanka and the main driver is being animal lovers providing a good safe environment rather than seeing their role as part of farming.

A holiday for animal lovers?

There is so much to enjoy about a stay in the Sri Lankan Hill Country at GlenMyu Estate. Sri Lanka’s Hill country offers lots of wonderful places to see and visit. Ella Town is around one hours drive and lots of our guests visit Nine Arch Bridge, climb Ella Rock and Little Adam’s Peak. They also visit Ravana Waterfall and Ravana’s Cave.

Hiking at then UNESCO Heritage site of Horton Plains National Park and seeing the spectacular views at Lesser World’s End, Greater World’s End and the beautiful Baker’s Falls is a favourite. 

Upper Diyaluma Waterfall is a relatively new discovery for us and as it is only a 40 minute drive it is now one of the most popular day trips. A visit to Lipton’s Seat and seeing how tea is processed at Dambetenne Tea Factory is also a great experience.

After exploring the area coming back to the five acre estate and being welcomed by the dogs adds to your holiday memories. 

GlenMyu Estate has more than street dogs to provide interest for animal lovers.

We also have a rescue cow called Maali. She has been a resident at the estate since December 2022 and adds to the landscape. Maali provides us with manure for our organic garden and grass around the estate. She is interested to meet new guests and give them a sniff and perhaps even a lick with her coarse tongue!

You will see lots of ducks wandering around the estate foraging for food and then bathing in the streams that run through the land. They are a perfect way to lose some hours watching them go about their daily lives. We find them very relaxing (apart from when they are mating!) and it is our form of meditation.

Our chickens and roosters also wander around the estate looking for tasty things to eat. We do keep them in an enclosure for part of the day to protect them from predators such as the mongoose and eagles. 

Meet some of our animals.

Here are some of our dogs that will be happy to meet you!

Our ducks provide a relaxing experience at the estate.

And Maali may also welcome you

Other visitors to the estate.

Apart from the animals that we care for at GlenMyu Estate there are lots of visitors, some you will see and some are hidden. Occasionally you may see a Barking Deer in the distance eating leaves and fresh grass. You are unlikely to see a porcupine or Wild Boar as they tend to come in the middle of the night, however you may see the damage that they do to our crops.

There are a variety of birds that visit the estate daily and seasonally. We have a bird book to help you identify what you see whilst you are here.

We also have lots of squirrels and occasionally a beautiful Giant Squirrel eating our Jackfruits on the tree.

GlenMyu Estate Hotel - a holiday for animal lovers.

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