All about Beragala

If you a travelling in the hill country of Sri Lanka you may wish to find out all about Beragala.

Beragala is a small town in the Sri Lankan Hill Country located on the main A4 road.

It is in the Badulla District of Uva Province.

The town is 183 kilometres away from Colombo and is at an elevation of 1,014 metres above sea level

Beragala is a small town in the Sri Lankan Hill Country located on the main A4 road.

It is in the Badulla District of Uva Province.

The town is 183 kilometres away from Colombo 

How do I get to Beragala?

By bus

The regular red and blue Government and Private Buses stop in Beragala and sometimes it can be quite busy in the shops as local purchase foodstuff for their onward journey.

There is a coach service (Superline) from Colombo to Badulla which arrives in Beragala in the early hours of the morning. The bus is air-conditioned and quite comfortable compared to the regular buses. By travelling late at night the service is faster than the buses that travel during the day.

By train.

There is a train from Colombo to Haputale. From Haputale a Tuk Tuk can bring you down the hill to Beragala town.

A long journey!

It does take quite a number of hours to get to Haputale from Colombo. 

If you want a long scenic train journey then it is worth considering. 

I think it is a bit of a challenge to visitors as they are used to trains getting places fast so you really have to get your mind around it.

What’s near to and about Beragala which is worth seeing?

As you approach Beragala from Colombo along the A4 road you will see the entrance to a Hindu Kovil on the right hand side. 

You can stop and look down to the Kovil itself which is a long way below the road.

A spectacular scenic view.

Take the right hand fork towards Wellawaya at Beragala Junction and you will see some spectacular views as you walk along the road. There are old Mara Trees along the road which tower above you and provide some shade as you walk.

This is a great place to take some pictures and enjoy the view towards the southern coast.

Shops, shops and more shops.

Although Beragala is quite small there are lots of small shops to enjoy.

Shobi Stores – A grocery store with a wide range of products including foods, drinks and healthcare.

The Sub Post Office in Beragala. 

Only open for limited hours.

The fancy goods store. 

The Hardware Store – one of two hardware stores in Beragala. 

The other store is located near the Hindu Kovil as you enter Beragala from Colombo.

The ATM in Beragala is next door to Dinasiri Foods and Bakers

The Wine Store

A favourite of mine!

You must be aware that the Wine Store comes on Poya (Full Moon) days, Temperance Day and Singhala & Tamil New Year.

The Vegetable Shop – one of several vegetable shops in Beragala to choose from.

The Pharmacy – has a good range of health and beauty products available along with medicines. 

A doctor is available at limited times.

The Communications Shop – top up your phone here. Photocopies, pens & pencils and stationery goods.

Views from the Zebra Crossing

Places to Visit close to Beragala.

There are lots of places to visit within reach of Beragala. 

Waterfalls, Hiking, Spectacular Views, Tea Factories and more.

Diyaluma Waterfall

Diyaluma Waterfall is the 2nd highest waterfall in Sri Lanka
It ranks 361st in the world.
The height is 220m (720 ft).

You can read about our trip to Diyaluma Waterfall here.

Diyaluma Waterfall.

Bambarakanda Waterfall

Bambarakanda Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

You can see our Blog Post about our visit to Bambarakanda Waterfall.

Lipton Seat

Lipton Seat, Sri Lanka – Stunning views from the viewpoint from where Scottish tea baron, Sir Thomas Lipton, used to survey his vast tea empire.

You can read our Blog Post about our visit to Lipton Seat.

Where should I stay in and around Beragala?

There are several hotels off this road including our property Glenmyu Estate which acts as a good base to visit Beragala and the surrounding places of interest.

There are lots of places to stay near Beragala for all types of budget.

Here are a few places you may want to consider if you want to stay in the area.

GlenMyu Estate is a 3 bedroom property with swimming pool in 5 acres located on the Beragala to Wellawaya Road.

Dream Cliff Mountain Resort is located off the Beragala to Wellawaya Road and has several cabanas with views of the hills below.

Melheim Resort is an established hotel with fantastic views.

Akway Resort is a newer hotel with fabulous views of the hills below the property.

Romance Valley is a modern looking hotel on the Wellawaya Road.

Find out more about a stay at GlenMyu Estate Hotel by pressing the button.

GlenMyu Estate
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