The Joy of a morning swim

The Joy of a morning swim. I found this again in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

Inspired by recent guest from the UK I am now back enjoying a morning swim at GlenMyu Estate. Habits are easy to break. My wife and I were swimming on a regular basis before going on a short trip back to the UK.

A lame excuse!

We had an excuse when we returned.
In October it is our rainy season during the inter-monsoon. 

Usually, we plan our swim for the afternoon after working on the estate when we don’t have guests. I really like swimming around 4.30 pm as the severity of the sun starts to weaken. 

So, with downpours in the afternoon we made us a flimsy excuse and missed our daily swim. It’s not a great excuse and with hindsight there was no reason why we should not have swum every day.

The mornings are also good.

Swimming in the afternoon allows the sun to warm up the water a bit. This means that the first entry into the spring water fed pool is a little more gentle. We have no heating in the pool so you really have to have mind over matter sometimes, and just dive in. Once you have swum a couple of lengths then the temperature is lovely. 


There are times during the year when we get a lot of sun in the Hill Country, particularly in May when the sun is directly over Sri Lanka. Also during mid June to early September it is quite warm with little rain. When there has been sun I don’t have to be as courageous and it is easy to jump in the water. Actually, during some times of the year my wife and I think that the water is a little too hot and we don’t enjoy swimming as much at those times.

A morning swim makes you feel alive!

There have been times when I have done a morning swim and an afternoon swim, depending on my workload at the estate. I feel really healthy and refreshed swimming twice a day. It is a really a joy to swim in the morning and I really feel alive.

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During October, generally, the rains came in the afternoon. So my pathetic excuse for not swimming was not valid.

Inspiration needed, inspiration comes.

Our most recent guests have just left and their last words were that they hoped we would start using the pool and wanted to see photographic evidence!

The couple were from the UK and they swam every day during their four day spell at GlenMyu Estate. Although the inter-monsoon rains were due to be completed, it still did rain quite often during their stay. This did not stop them from swimming and they did not make up an excuse like I did. 

It turns out that the husband of the couple grew up with a swimming pool at his parents house and was used to swimming every morning. It’s a good habit and excellent that this has stayed with him all his life. You could see the joy that this lovely couple had swimming every morning, and some afternoon.

Another way I was inspired to swim in our fresh water pool was from listening to one of the many podcasts I subscribe to. “The Rest is Politics” podcast is hosted by Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart and is a regular listen. Alastair Campbell goes for an early morning cold water swim in Hampstead Heath Pond and Lido. Here is a quote from and interview with Felix Online (the student paper of Imperial College London).

“By August 2022, I was three months into my cold-water swimming obsession. I had been swimming regularly at the Mixed Pond on Hampstead Heath and, supported by the friendly lifeguards and fellow swimmers, had become hooked on the experience of immersing myself in both cold water and nature”.

Well, this was the inspiration that I needed.

The couple left yesterday and I was in the pool this morning. What a joy! The fresh start to the day was really energising and I feel so good. I regretted missing this experience which I could have enjoyed every day.

So, hopefully, this is the start to a good new habit. A joyous morning swim every day – and perhaps one in the afternoon — rain permitting!

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