I’ll always remember that look on your face.

The start to 2022 at GlenMyu Estate has really been fantastic.

The worst time to open!

Opening in 2021, in the middle of a global pandemic, with very few tourists coming to Sri Lanka and interprovincial lockdowns. It made it difficult for local tourist to discover us, was a real challenging start. 

We were delighted however to host the guests that were able to come. 

And we learned a lot from the experience that they had.

A place for families

We originally didn’t think that the Estate would be a place for children. 

How wrong we were! 

The families that have stayed with us have just loved the freedom of space. Our guests also loved, the animals (primarily our seven dogs and varying number of ducks), and how comfortable that they have been here.

People are starting to get it

The Estate is a place where you can get away from busy lives. A place to take time out to spend with people you love and are great friends.

An exciting new offering to discover and explore.

We have lots of seating areas around the five acre estate. There are great places where you can just sit, enjoy the surrounding nature and spend time with each other. It will be a place of tranquility without the distractions of everyday life.

Swimming in the refreshing Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool. It is a great place to create memories with the family.

Ru’s food has been wonderfully received and there have been plenty of compliments from our guests.

It’s really hard to explain what we have here - you only really get it when you stay a few days.

We have had several guests that have stayed one night. They wished that they had stayed longer. We also have had guests that have extended their stay as they have enjoyed it so much here.

Ru and I are also pleased that we have already had some returning guests despite having only been open for a short time.

It just makes us feel so good and puts a smile on our faces.

We even did Christmas

We had originally decided to close over Christmas so that we could spend some time together.

However, we had a call from a returning guest who wanted to book Christmas at the Estate. We are so pleased that we received the call. Both of us had a great time looking after two families for the festive period. It made the end of 2021 very special for us and will remain in our memories for many years to come.

New guests in 2022

We had a great start to the New Year!

Ru and I consider ourselves were blessed to have a couple who just got the vibe of the place so quickly. Ru and I  just love having guests who love GlenMyu Estate and get what we are trying to do here. A 2 night stay was extended to 3 and we were so happy to spend more time with them.

New Countries for us to learn about.

We received our first bookings on booking.com and were so happy that people have started to find us through this platform.

We had our first guests, spread over the first ten days of January from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia.

Ru and I learnt so much from these guests who just loved it here. 

Our knowledge of these countries were limited before they came and we were so much better informed when they left for their next destination.

There was political issues in Kazakhstan when our guests arrived. It was heartbreaking hearing how it affected them personally and the challenge that they would find getting home as airports started closing down.

We found them to be a lovely couple. I will always remember the husbands face as we took him down to our hidden waterfall and he was able to jump into the cold, cold water delivered from the streams around the Estate.

The other guests were more relaxed and also loved it here.

When the couple from the Ukraine left there were (almost) tears in ours and their eyes. They just loved it here so much and really bonded with our dogs.

The Russian couple stayed for three nights and had a great time, really appreciating the surroundings and the view.

A highlight for us was when a French couple made a late booking.  Both parties bonded and friendships were started when they did a trip together to Horton Plains National Park.https://amazinglanka.com/wp/horton-plains-national-park/

We now have a brief respite before a busy holiday weekend.

It is a long weekend as Thai Pongol https://www.sangam.org/CULTURE/pongal.htm is on Friday and there is a Poya (Full Moon) day on Monday. 

We had so many enquiries about the holiday weekend. Unfortunately we were disappointed that we were not able to host as we already are fully booked.

Book early... or you may be disappointed.

We are recommending guests to book early if there is a National Holiday.  There tends to be a large demand for these dates from local tourists.

You can find the National Holiday dates for 2022 on the following website. https://www.officeholidays.com/countries/sri-lanka

GlenMyu Estate
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