5 reasons to visit Sri Lanka in 2024.

5 reasons to visit Sri Lanka in 2024.

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit a paradise island before too many holidaymakers find it!

Here are our 5 reasons to visit Sri Lanka in 2024 on holiday.

There are so many reasons to holiday in Sri Lanka in 2024.

We list below our 5 reasons on why you should not delay and  visit in 2024.

1. Come to Sri Lanka now before it gets too busy

You must have read about some tourist spots around the globe restricting visitors.

Some places like the canary Islands have seen protests against the rise in tourism from local residents.

Sri Lanka is encouraging tourism right now and the government has ambitious plans to increase numbers from 1.5 million to 2.3 million in 2024

By 2030 the target is an ambitious 5 million tourists!

The island is idyllic now, but as the number of tourists increases, the shine will dull in the future as tourist spots get too busy.

An amazing experience that many of our guests have when they holiday at GlenMyu Estate is visiting Upper Diyaluma Waterfall.

The second highest waterfall in the country is becoming more discovered as the road access has improved in recent year.

It’s fast becoming an Instagram must.

We have has so many guests that have left GlenMyu Estate to visit Upper Diyaluma before breakfast and have had an amazing experience.

As we are only 40 minutes from the waterfall, our guests have managed to beat other tourists there and sometimes have had the place all to themselves.

When they return to GlenMu Estate for a late breakfast, they are energised from the unique early morning experience that they have had.

2. Getting a train ticket is difficult now, it will be more challenging in the future

One of the great experiences that you will have as you travel around this paradise island is to take a train journey through a beautiful landscape.

Lost of our guests at GlenMyu Estate arrive at Haputale Station from Kandy and are wowed by what they see on the train journey.

Even in 2023, some guests have found it a challenge in getting train tickets. Can you imagine how difficult it will be as tourist numbers increase?

It would be great if Sri Lankan Railways put on additional service to cope with increasing demand. However, this will be difficult as the tracks are limited on the capacity they can handle.

3. A less crowded beach

There are so many beaches around the coast of the island that you would think that there would always be places where you didn’t have to fight for a spot on the sand.

What tends to happen in Sri Lanka is that as a “new beach” is discovered, people flock there and lots of development follows to cash in.

As time passes there will be less places to discover and that ideal image of an uncluttered beach will dissipate.

So, we say ‘come now” before the beaches get too busy.

4. Go East before it gets found

The east and north coasts of the island are becoming a more popular destination to visit as this part has gradually opened up since the ending of the civil war some 15 years ago.

The best time to visit is between April and September as the coasts are generally monsoon free. 

As most of Europe is in the Mediterranean during their summer vacation, there are opportunities to spend time at less crowded beaches.

5. Be one of the pioneers to walk the Pekoe Trail

The Pekoe Trail is a new, 22 stage, 300km walking trail around Sri Lanka.

It only opened in late 2023.

The new experience in Sri Lanka has already won awards and is being recognised.

‘Best Wider World Tourism Project’ at the British Guild of Travel Writers International Tourism Awards (ITA)

National Geographic’s  ‘Best of the World’ List for 2024

As more tourist travelling to Sri Lanka become more aware of the Pekoe Trail the number of hikers on the walk will rise.

If you want to hike the Pekoe Trail with less of a crowd, we would recommend that you visit Sri Lanka in 2024 or soon after. 

Several of our guest at GlenMyu Estate have already hiked stages 12 and stages 13 of the Pekoe Trail.

Located a short drive from Haputale, GlenMyu Estate is a convenient place  to stay within reach of several stages of the Pekoe Trail.

Our 5 reasons to holiday in Sri Lanka in 2024

  1. Beat the increase in tourist numbers.
  2. Enjoy a beautiful train journey.
  3. Experience a less crowded beach.
  4. Discover the East before it develops as a main tourist destination.
  5. Be one of the first to walk the Pekoe Trail

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