3 best things to do in the Sri Lankan Hill Country

What are the 3 best things to do in  Sri Lankan Hill Country? 

We find that guests first time in Sri Lanka is like a whirlwind. They try to pack in seeing everything on this paradise island in the short time they are here.

Take it from someone who lives in this idyllic place – slow down and pick the highlights on your first time here. Once you have experienced Sri Lanka, you will want to come back again.

But there is so much to see in the World - I want it all!

We know that the World is full of amazing places to explore and may be on your bucket list. It’s important for you to see other places and spend your tourist dollars in those other countries and support the communities there also.

We are not greedy, but we love it when guests come back again and again. Our hearts were uplifted when a German Doctor that stayed with us at GlenMyu Estate for the first time in 2023, said he had been to the island twelve times.

It’s a great place to visit, especially to get some relief from the Northern European winters.

The South and West Coasts are perfect for visiting during this period. And of course, the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

We have received so many guests that come to GlenMyu Estate exhausted from their travels. Most realise that they need to slow down a bit and get some energy back before they get back into exploration mode.

Our best 3 things to do in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

We are a little biased in our opinion as we are located away from the tourist town of Ella. Lots of our guests do a day trip to Ella to see some of the sights there.

We enjoy seeing a train going across the amazing Nine Arch Bridge. People watching from the bars and restaurants in the high street are always an attraction. The Zip Line is not for us, but there are many who love it. A short hike to Mini Adams Peak is a regular thing that our guests do when staying at GlenMyu Estate. We like Ravana Waterfall and have yet to explore Ravana’s Cave. Ella Rock is on a to do list when we have enough time.

In no particular order of preference.

Horton Plains National Park

3 best things to see and do: Horton Plains National Park

You will feel great after completing the 11 kilometre circular walk in the Montane Cloud Forest at Horton Plains National Park. The elevation of between 2,100–2,300 meters (6,900–7,500 ft.) makes you feel that you have had a bit of a workout.

A UNESCO Heritage site.

This unique UNESCO Heritage Site in Sri Lanka is on of our favourite places to visit. The flora and faun you will encounter as you walk through the plains makes you feel closer to nature. There are some endemic plants and animals that you may see on your hike. Pick up a book at the bookshop before you enter the trail so you can find out more. Also look out for the signboards on the trail which will give you more information about the landscape and plants and creatures that inhabit this unique place.

Read more about our experience at Horton Plain in our article Horton Plains National Park.

Find out about the entrance fee cost to Horton Plains in our article Horton Plains Entry fee 2023

Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Koslanda

3 best things to see and do: Upper Diyaluma Waterfall

Diyaluma Waterfall is the second tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Upper Diyaluma Waterfall appears only to have been found in more recent years as the road to the falls have improved. 

The pools at Upper Diyaluma are now becoming a favourite Instagram spot. We would recommend that you see this wonder of nature before it gets too busy.

Close to GlenMyu Estate.

The entrance to Upper Diyaluma is only around 40 minutes drive from GlenMyu Estate and therefore you can beat the crowds and have the place to your self (for a while at least – fingers crossed).
Returning to GlenMyu Estate for breakfast and reviewing the photos and fabulous experience that you have had makes staying here worthwhile. 

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Lipton’s Seat, Haputale

3 best things to see and do: Lipton’s Seat

Lipton’s Seat is located outside Haputale and therefore another great experience that you can visit when staying at GlenMyu Estate.

The place where Scottish Tea Baron, Sir Thomas Lipton, of the leading tea Brand, Liptons Teas, surveyed his tea empire.

It is now a favourite viewing point for tourists where they can enjoy views of the manicured tea gardens. Perhaps you can take a picture with the man himself? There is a life-size statue of Sir Thomas on a bench at the viewing point.

If you go early in the morning you may see a stunning sunrise, like our guests Matt and Millie

Strolling down from the viewing point you will reach Dambethenna Tea Factory where you can take a tour and see how the tea is made.

See the sights - stay at GlenMyu Estate.

GlenMyu Estate is conveniently located to visit all these fabulous sights which we consider the 3 best things to see and do in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

For Horton Plains we normally send you off early in the morning with a packed breakfast which you can eat on arrival to the park.

Upper Diyaluma is only 40 minutes drive from GlenMyu Estate. Go early and come back for a late breakfast or have breakfast and get there before the crowds.

You can leave very early in the morning to catch the sunrise like Matt and Millie did. What an experience they had. 

Or you can leave after breakfast to enjoy the views  and pop into Dambethenna tea factory for tour and see how your tea is made. 

Other honourable mentions.

Since The Pekoe Trail was awarded Tourism Award for the Best International Tourism by the British Guild of Travel Writers it would not be right if we didn’t mention this new experience in addition to our 3 best things to see and do. Some of the 22 sections of this new 300 kilometre hiking trail are close to GlenMyu Estate.

You can read more about the Pekoe Trail at their website. Find out how our guests enjoyed the Trail from Haputale to Lipton’s Seat at our article “Our first guests hiked Stage 13 of the Pekoe Trail”.

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